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Bailiff services

We offer a large variety of services in the realm of legal proceedings or execution of court orders. Furthermore, you can transfer the legal proceedings to us as a PDF. We print them, we execute them, and the fees are acquitted with a transfer in our bank account. A simple yet rapid solution.

  • All nature of judicial proceedings 
  • Assessing a wide variety of situtations, including the status of an accomodation or a conflict 
  • Photo taking
  • Seizure before a court judgment
  • Seizure after a court  judgment
  • Enforcing a garnishee order (salary or bank account)
  • Issuing your court records
  • Filing your court records
  • Drafting your writ for the Régie du logement, either being for expulsion, execution, or garnishee
  • Picking up your procedures at home or at work (for individuals)
  • Records management of legal proceedings or court orders execution
  • Perception of amicable settlements (EfficaCité, recovering agency Inc.)
  • Screening and managing your debtors
  • Dispacth of your proceedings to peers, with extra-judicial fees