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Mediation services

Why mediation?

When a dispute arises between the parties, whether personal, a division of property, business between partners, a settlement of disputes between employers and employees, etc., mediation is a good method of conflict resolution without going to court.

The benefits of our mediation services

  • Each of the parties may meet the mediator / negotiator alone and present his / her dispute and expectations.
  • The mediator is neutral, impartial, and will go in the direction of the litigation, the expectations of the parties, and he will adjust his negotiation according to the needs of each one in order to arrive at a satisfactory conclusion for both parties.
  • Mediated settlement is preferable to a judgment of the Court that may be displeasing to both parties.
  • As soon as the dispute is resolved, the agreement that is then drafted is given the force of a res judicata under the C.c.Q.

The prerequisites

Having a serious dispute to settle with a spouse, a neighbor, an employer, a partner, etc ... No matter the conflict or the dispute, the mediator can intervene. It is also imperative that all parties agree to participate in the mediation process.

The costs

Mediation is less costly than engaging in a judicial process that involves legal fees and long waiting times to acquire a final judgment.

A mediator / negotiator charges his fees by the hour: you then ultimately know where you stand in the evolution of the resolution of the dispute.

The process

Both parties must agree to meet with the mediator / negotiator. Therefore, the mediator is listening to the dispute according to the parties. He knows the litigation, the recriminations of each and their respective expectations.

The mediator analyzes the situation and proposes solutions to each of the parties based on the preliminary interviews.

If an agreement between the parties is finally reached, a meeting between the parties and the mediator is scheduled to draft a settlement.

Mediation / negotiation is the extraordinary way to settle disputes quickly to the satisfaction of the parties, and at the best cost. Not to mention that the signed agreement has the value of things judged under the C.c.Q.